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Before we even discuss some of the Crap bets you should avoid at all cost, we should first ask ourselves what Craps games are and some of the features you will come across in craps games. Well, a craps game is a highly prominent land-based casino game that you will not miss in your casino of choice. However, most players like playing it online.

Some of its betting options that have contributed to its popularity include pass line, don’t pass, come/don’t Come Bet, Pass line Odds/don’t pass odds, place numbers win, and others. The list is endless, make an effort to visit the casino and have a glimpse of other betting options that are not mentioned.

Below is a list of craps bets you should never make.

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Any 7 – A weak bet with a house edge amounting to some 16.67 percent

Any 7 is one of the craps bets you should never make under any circumstance. This is because it has the highest house edge of 16.67%, giving you the least win if things work out for you. Here, if the dice show any other grouping, then automatically, the bet loses.

Surprisingly, this is the poorest choice of all the betting options in craps bet.

Betting on 2 or 12

If you are a craps lover, you must have come across this betting option. Here, you will encounter a house edge of 13.89%, which makes these two bets low for you. Moreover, the odds of winnings are 35:1, which automatically makes the payout 30:1. This means that £1000 will make £3100, which is not profitable.

Horn Bet – A truly unique bet type

Compared to the above-mentioned bet Craps, Horn bet is much better. If you play Horn bet, you will be required to make predictions. Therefore, the probability of winning in this particular bet is a little bit higher.

The house of Horn Bet is 12.5%, and the payout will depend on the grouping of dice rolls. It`s important to note that this particular bet makes you a profit of 27:4 while the payout stands at 3:1 and this makes the bet risky.

YO (11) – Betting on the craps shooter to roll an 11

The name of this bet itself isn’t that welcoming. For those of you who have played this game earlier, you must have been conversant with the challenges that come hand in hand with it. For example, the dealer may shout yo eleven, and you hear yo seven.

Yo bet has a house edge of 11.11%, which makes it unsafe.


This bet pays at the rate of 15:1. Here, you must place your bet on the dice rolling 2 or 12, which makes it risky. Moreover, HI-LO has a house edge of 11.11%.

Betting on 3

If you are a Craps lover, you must have come across Betting on 3 bets. Comparing it with Yo bet, the two have fewer features. Moreover, the only difference is where to wager. It`s important to note that this bet should come first when deciding where to gamble in craps bet.

Whirl/World Bet

This is another area where you should never gamble in. It’s simply a combination of Horn and any 7 bets. Here, you will incur the highest house edge of about 13.33%, making it too risky.

Hope 2 ways

Here, players are very specific when wagering. They either wager on one way or a two ways combination. Moreover, the house edge and the payout are the same when betting 3 and 11 are considered.


Craps bet normally win when you place the bet on 2, 3, or 12. The payout of this bet stands at 7:1 while the house edge is 11:11%. Although you can get a profit of $800 on $100, the house edge is too high to prioritize on this bet.

C&E – A combination of the any craps bet and the yo bet

This is simply the combination of craps and yo bet. The winning odds stand at 5:1, just like other craps bet options, the payout on the outcome is quite low due to the huge house edge.

Hard 4/Hard 10

Hard4/hard 10 have a generating payout of 7:1. Moreover, it has the highest house edge, making it hard for one to place his bets here.

In conclusion, Craps bets may seem very hard for new beginners. But as you play, it becomes very simple to understand. Even though there are betting options we are advising you not to try, there are still others that are not risky, and the probability of winning is high. Take a look to our recommended casino list for UK players, and play Live Craps at the best online casino in the UK.

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