How to Play Live Casino Games at an Online Casino – Complete Guide

If you have been around the online casino scene for any length of time you will be aware of the enormous popularity of live casino games.

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As if normal casino games are not realistic enough, live games take it to the next level for the obvious reason that you are not only playing against a live dealer or croupier, in the case of live dealer blackjack, you can see the hands which the other players around your table have been dealt along with the bets which they make.

How to play live casino games

But first a warning

Before we go any further though, if you have not played live casino games before, you should be aware that the gameplay is far slower.

Let’s take live blackjack as an example.

When you are playing a regular game of blackjack at an online casino, the speed of the gameplay is basically down to you, the player.

You could have been dealt a hand and then decide to go and make yourself a coffee and the game will wait for you to return.

On the other hand, if you want to speed through the gameplay, the gaming software will allow you to to play as fast as you want.

When playing blackjack with a live dealer, it is a different story altogether.

To begin with, players usually have 30 seconds to either hold, hit, split or double down so if there are another 5 players sitting around your table you can see that each round of blackjack can take a few minutes.

That is OK if you are just enjoying the experience but for players who enjoy playing a faster game, this slower place can sometimes lead to frustration, and we all know that frustration when online gambling can lead to making rash decisions.

I am mainly talking about making larger bets here.

So, before you get involved, bear this in mind, especially when playing live dealer blackjack.

How to play live casino games at an online casino

To begin with you will need to have an account at an online casino which offers live dealer games.

All the online casinos on our recommended list fit the bill so if you don’t already have an account, head on over and open one, don’t worry, it only takes a few minutes.

Once you have funded your online casino account, take a look at the casino games menu and you will see a ‘live dealer’ tab.

Click on that tab and you will enter the live dealer lobby where you will be invited to choose which live dealer game you would like to get involved with.

Once again, let’s use live dealer blackjack as an example.

You will see that the live dealer blackjack games are listed depending on the stake size so if you are more of a recreational player, choose the table with the lower stakes but if you are more of a high roller, choose your table accordingly.

Something which often happens with live dealer games is that the table is full, especially on the tables with the lower stakes.

When this happens, just keep an eye on the table or tables for a few minutes, then when someone leaves, you can jump in and take their place.

A tip for winning on live casino games

You will hear me mention this tip quite often and I make no apologies for this, if you haven’t already guessed, that is to play live dealer blackjack and use the perfect blackjack strategy because it lends itself perfectly to live dealer play.

As a reminder, just Google ‘perfect blackjack strategy’ and download the strategy which will show you the exact hands to play for any given cards that you and the dealer are dealt.

Simply print it out and refer to it as you are playing, and you will never stand a better chance of winning the games of blackjack which you play.

The 30 seconds or so which you have to make your decision regarding whether to stand, hit etc is more than enough time, even if you have never played this strategy before in your life.

As an aside, when you have been using the perfect blackjack strategy for a little while and due to the nature of live dealer blackjack in that you can see the other players hands, you will soon understand why casinos in general make so much money.

Many of your fellow players won't have a clue how to play the game in the way you do and as a result, some of their playing decisions are shocking to such an extent that they are literally throwing money at the casino with little hope of winning.

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