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As well as being one of the fastest-growing digital assets on the market, Ethereum’s main function is as a decentralised computing platform that utilises blockchain technology. Its main feature is its decentralised apps (dapps), that make use of programmable smart contracts to carry out a wide variety of tasks on its blockchain – all without the need for a third party.

One of the best, and most exciting, applications of Ethereum’s dapps is that they can be used to create online casinos. This is a development that’s already proven beneficial for both online casino players and operators, as the Ethereum platform offers a range of benefits that are ideal for running an online casino.

In this article, we’ll explain what Ethereum casinos are, the benefits of playing on them, and share some of the best Ethereum casinos in the UK to get you started.

List of Best UK Ethereum Casinos

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What is an ETH Casino? How do I get started with ETH?

An Ethereum casino is an online gaming platform that’s built upon and runs on the Ethereum blockchain and that uses its currency, Ether, as a form of payment. As the casino is an Ethereum dapp, it means visitors get to enjoy the gaming experience that comes with traditional online casinos, alongside the benefits of a cryptocurrency blockchain such as anonymity, transparency, extra security, and, perhaps best of all, faster withdrawal payouts.

Similarly, because Ethereum’s smart contracts can execute financial transactions without the need for third-party intervention, online casino operators save on middleman fees and can pass these savings onto players in the form of better bonuses.

How To Play at Online Casino With ETH

Time needed: 15 minutes

Fortunately, getting started with an ETH casino is pretty straightforward, you just need to follow the following steps:

  1. Choose a wallet

    Select a cryptocurrency wallet (see our recommendations below)

  2. Purchase

    Purchase some Ethereum from a crypto exchange

  3. Transfer ETH to wallet

    Transfer your Ethereum from the exchange to your wallet

  4. Create casino account

    Choose an Ethereum casino and register on it

  5. Deposit

    Connect your Ethereum wallet and deposit some funds

  6. Play and fun

    You’re good to go – enjoy the games!

ETH Exchanges and Wallets: What are the most popular ETH wallets to use with crypto casinos?

To play in an ETH casino, you’ll need to buy some Ethereum, and the best place to do that is from a cryptocurrency exchange. Good exchanges for buying Ethereum include:

  • Coinbase
  • Kraken
  • Binance
  • Bitfinex
  • Poloneix
  • Gemini.

However, to connect to an exchange and purchase Ethereum, you’ll first need a wallet. A wallet is a program or physical device that stores your cryptocurrency and allows you to send and receive it. A crypto wallet also contains your public key, which is used to generate an address from which to carry out transactions, and a private key, which acts as a digital signature to authorise transactions.

To play in a UK Ethereum casino, or any crypto casino, it’s best to obtain a non-custodial wallet, as they grant you full control of your funds and your private key. In contrast, custodial wallets, such as those found on many crypto exchanges, retain control of your funds and private key and may restrict certain transactions.

With that in mind, here are the top 3 wallets for use with Ethereum casinos:

  • Guarda – Desktop, web, and mobile wallet
  • BRD – Versatile mobile wallet
  • Ledger Nano S – A leading hardware or ‘cold storage’ wallet

Pros and Cons of Using Ether

The main reason that ETH casinos are taking off in popularity is the benefits of using Ether as a form of payment. Here are some advantages, and a disadvantage, of using Ether to play on online casinos.


  • Safety: As since each transaction needs to be verified by multiple users on the blockchain, it makes Ethereum virtually impossible to tamper with or corrupt. Dapps, including casinos, built on the Ethereum platform follow the same safety protocols.
  • No middlemen: Because smart contracts can be executed without a third party, casinos can lower their transaction costs. These savings can then be passed onto customers in the form of more generous bonuses, etc.
  • Anonymity: In conventional online casinos that only accept regular, or fiat, currencies, its operator is responsible for security – which includes players being required to prove their identity. With an Ethereum casino, the security measures are built into the blockchain so you can play completely anonymously.


  • Price fluctuations: Ethereum is a tradable cryptocurrency that fluctuates in price so, depending on demand, buying more to continue playing on ETH casinos could cost more than your previous purchase (but – it could also cost you less…).

Key Things to Consider when Choosing the Best Ethereum Casino

With a growing number of Ethereum casinos in the UK to choose from, finding the one that suits you best can be a little overwhelming. To help you out, here are a few key factors that should be considered while choosing the best crypto casino to play on.

One that displays good website practices: This includes having SSL encryption (HTTPS instead of HTTP), easy navigation, and quick loading times.

Reviews: Research how well-regarded a casino is by other players; in other words, what kind of reputation does it have? You can find this information on review sites and on Reddit and forum posts.

Terms and conditions: Read their Ts and Cs to learn how their bonuses work and if they’re hiding anything in their small print.

Most importantly, there’s the matter of better bonuses and faster deposits and payouts, which we’ll now explore in more detail.

Enjoy the Better Bonuses at ETH Casinos

One of the best things about playing on an ETH casino, and why they’re attracting so many new players, is the generous bonuses that they offer. These come in various forms, including:

Deposit bonus: Many casinos pay bonuses after you register and make a qualifying deposit (a specified amount). Some casinos even offer a no deposit bonus for simply registering – though these are becoming rarer.

Reload/Top-up bonuses: These are paid to you when you transfer more Ethereum into your account after your initial deposit.

Free spins: A common and popular bonus, these give you a chance to win without wagering any of the cryptocurrency in your account.

Loyalty and VIP promotions: These reward players for continuing to visit the casino. Like other loyalty programs, the bonuses are awarded based on how many points you collect.

Cashbacks: This is where the casino gives back a certain percentage of the money you’ve spent on their site. Cashbacks are usually paid on a weekly and monthly basis.

Faster deposits and payouts

Arguably the best feature of Ethereum casinos is their fast transactional speeds.

In traditional fiat online casinos, players often have to submit several documents before their request to withdraw their winnings is authorised. Then, even when that’s happened, you usually have to wait days, or even weeks, for the money to reach your account. This might be due to third parties, like banks, blocking payments or it could be the casino being unethical because they want to prevent players from cashing out.

With an Ethereum casino, however, smart contracts mean there are no middlemen. Better still, the transparency of the ledger on the blockchain prevents unethical business practices. As a result, deposits usually take around 10 minutes, while withdrawals are transferred within 24 hours – and in many cases, sooner.

Ethereum Casino FAQ

What are the benefits of playing on online Ethereum casinos?

There are many benefits to playing on an Ethereum casino including increased safety, anonymity, superior bonuses, and faster transactions – particularly withdrawals.

How do I check if it is legal to gamble through an Ethereum casino?

Both cryptocurrencies and Ethereum casinos operate in a legal grey area, but if you can access and play it, it’s a good indication that it's legal to gamble on that specific site in your country. Alternatively, you can check the casino's terms and conditions and, failing that, you can contact their customer services directly.

What Ethereum Casino Games Can You Play?

You can play most, if not all, of your favourite casino games on an Ethereum casino. This includes a wide variety of slots and table games such as blackjack, baccarat, roulette, and poker. Some Ethereum casinos also offer live dealer games.